Influencer is in your SocialCert Network and has authenticated his/her social accounts:

  • When an influencer is in your SocialCert Network, the green Lumanu logo will appear next to the image of the influencer. This indicates that the influencer has agreed to collaborate with your brand. The green checkmarks next to the influencer's social account handles indicate that the influencer has authenticated his/her accounts, and you have their advertising permissions. In the screenshot above, Sam Elkins is in the team's SocialCert Network and has authenticated his accounts. This is the ideal state of an influencer in your Influencer Manager.

Influencer has authenticated his/her social accounts but is NOT in your SocialCert Network:

  • In this example, Monique Coleman has worked with another brand using Lumanu, so she has already authenticated her accounts. However, Monique did not yet agree to collaborate with this particular brand, so the green Lumanu logo does not appear next to her picture. So, when she is sent the invite to SocialCert, she will just have to sign in and agree to a collaboration with the brand, and will not have to authenticate her accounts.

Influencer has only SocialCerted Facebook account and NOT Instagram account:

  • Lisa DiCiccio Cahue created a SocialCert login password and authenticated her Facebook account, but she has yet to authenticate her Instagram account and agree to a collaboration with the brand. Lisa DiCicco Cahue must go to, log in and finish the SocialCert process.

Influencer is NOT your SocialCert Network and has NOT authenticated his/her accounts:

  • This influencer has been sent her invite to SocialCert, but has not begun the SocialCert process. The gray checkmarks indicate that the influencer has not authenticated her accounts, and the influencer has not agreed to collaborate with the brand, thus there is no green Lumanu logo next her to picture. 

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