The Lumanu platform has three tabs (navigation on left hand panel). This help document provides information on how to:

1. Add your influencers to your Lumanu account and invite them to SocialCert

2a. Use the content manager

2b. Create SmartBoosts to amplify content

3. View performance of and manage existing SmartBoosts

1. How to add influencers and invite them to SocialCert

What is SocialCert?

SocialCert is Lumanu’s secure protocol which enables data and permissions sharing between influencers and their advertising partners. Specifcally, SocialCert provides access to organic content results, the ability to amplify content natively through your influencer accounts to influencer derived audiences. SocialCert is a 1-1 partnership between you and your influencers. 

Lumanu is an approved Facebook API partner and only uses approved API and OAuth to communicate with external platforms. Lumanu does not collect or require your influencers to provide any sensitive login information.

When you invite your influencers, we recommend cc'ing yourself on the example email that your influencer will receive.

This help article walks through the possible influencer SocialCert statuses. 

2a. How to use Content Manager

The content manager automatically pulls in your influencer content across Facebook, Instagram and Instagram stories.

Notes specifically about Instagram stories:

Lumanu will report on stats and allow you to amplify Instagram stories which are >24 hours old.

Lumanu uses OCR (optical content recognition) to extract text from Instagram stories so that you can use the keyword/ hashtags filter to pull in story content.

Each part of an Instagram story is reported as a separate piece of content by Facebook and will show up as it's own item in Lumanu.

2b. How to create SmartBoosts

When you amplify content within Lumanu, Lumanu automatically targets high propensity influencer audiences. Within a SmartBoost Lumanu lets your influencer content compete within audiences to optimize your budget for your objective.

You can provide additional targeting guidance by defining filters (audience geography, gender, age) and adding additional Facebook interest audiences. When you add additional interests, these audiences compete to deliver the best results. 

We recommend adding a few interests (and maybe brands)  to help the optimization but no need to go overboard.

Facebook typically approves content within a few hours but often times content undergoes a longer review or is rejected. If your content is rejected, Lumanu will manage the appeal process for you.

3. How to manage and review Smartboosts

You can export all data into a csv which will contain the URL for the ad unit so you can review actual comments and sentiment.

The data reported in a SmartBoost will be for the performance of the ad unit within a SmartBoost. It is possible to create a new SmartBoost with content that was included in a prior SmartBoost and use the already existing content ID (to maintain social proof). 

Use case: create a SmartBoost with an engagement objective to build social proof and follow with a SmartBoost with a link click objective to drive traffic.. In order to do this, the CTA and corresponding url must be exactly the same.

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