A Lumanu SmartBoost allows you to amplify content created by SocialCerted influencers. Within a SmartBoost, Lumanu optimizes spend across pieces of content for your defined objective (e.g. reach, engagement, clicks). A SmartBoost can have content from different placements (e.g. Facebook posts and Instagram posts), spend will be allocated to deliver the best performance based on your objective. 

Additionally, within a SmartBoost all content will compete across audiences created in the SmartBoost.

If you have existing SmartBoost(s) running and you want to amplify additional content, should you create a new SmartBoost or add content to an existing SmartBoost? 

When to Create a New SmartBoost

  • You want to amplify content with a different objective (e.g. clicks versus reach).
  • If you want to set a defined budget behind some new content that was posted from your influencers. E.g. $3,000 budget to amplify 6 Instagram posts and $2,000 to amplify 4 IG story posts. If you were to add this content to an existing SmartBoost Lumanu would allocate budget across all posts.
  • When you want to target a different audience with influencer content (including influencer audiences). E.g. you may want different SmartBoosts for a your influencer content across men's clothing and women's clothing.
  • When the content in your existing SmartBoosts is no longer relevant E.g. Do not add content to a SmartBoost that had content focused on Valentine's day with Spring messaging in March (assuming you do not want to promote Valentine's day after the holiday). 

Just remember that the purpose of a SmartBoost is so that Lumanu can optimize across all content in that SmartBoost to deliver the best results for all audiences within that SmartBoost.  

When to Add Content to an Existing SmartBoost

Content can be added to a SmartBoost at any time. Adding content helps diversify the SmartBoost and allows the testing of more content and audiences. 

Add content to an existing SmartBoost when: 

  • The objective for the SmartBoost is the same as for your new content E.g. Objective for SmartBoost is Link Clicks and you would like to optimize for Link Clicks.
  • You'd like your additional content to compete against content that is already active in the SmartBoost.
  • The flight time of the content is the same - note that you can pause individual pieces of content in a SmartBoost E.g. one SKU is sold through so you want to pause the post of influencer promoting the SKU.

Important things to consider: 

  • When adding content closer to the end date for the SmartBoost or with little budget left, the newest pieces of content may not be as optimized as the first content that went into the SmartBoost (depends on budget and timing).
  • When adding content to a SmartBoost that is currently running (has budget to be spent and has not reached the end date), the content will go live and deliver automatically.
  • When adding content to a SmartBoost that is not running (it has been paused, the budget has been fully spent or the end date has passed), the content will not be delivered unless the SmartBoost is unpaused, the budget is increased and the end date is extended.

See this help article to learn How to Add Content to an Existing SmartBoost

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