For a batch influencer upload .csv template, click here!

NOTE: You must have at least a social handle URL or email address for each person on your csv upload sheet AND you cannot have duplicate social URLs or email addresses in your file.

Lumanu currently accepts the following column headers for bulk uploads using a CSV or TSV file:

  1. first-name
  2. last-name
  3. address
  4. city
  5. state
  6. zip-code
  7. email
  8. facebook-page
    The entire URL of the public Facebook page for an influencer. Example:
  9. instagram
    The entire URL of the Instagram account. Example: 
  10. youtube
    The entire URL of the YouTube channel. Example: 
  11. blog
    The entire URL of the Blog. Example: 
  12. notes
    Custom notes for an influencer that will automatically be stored for that influencer record (e.g., "loves staying at Marriott hotels"). Notes are free text (although avoid commas if you're using a CSV (comma-separated-file) format to upload.
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