The article below pertains only to publishers, influencers, and content creators using SocialCert by Lumanu


  • "This Instagram account is already linked to [fb-page]"

Cause of error: 

  • Your Instagram account is linked with a different Facebook page than the one you'd like to SocialCert with


Disconnect your Instagram account from your Facebook Page

  • Log into the Facebook Page to which Facebook is saying your Instagram account is already connected
  • Click "Settings" 
  • Click "Instagram" 
  • Scroll down and click "Disconnect"

Confirm which Facebook Page is connected to your Instagram business or creator account

  • Open the Instagram app
  • Tap Edit Profile
  • Under Business Information, tap Page
  • Select the Facebook Page you want to associate with your business or creator profile
  • NOTE -- you will only see your Facebook Page listed if you are an admin of the page. Refer to this article to see how to check if you are an admin of a Facebook Page.

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