As an influencer, your social accounts and associated data are your keys to success. As collaborations with brands require increasingly more transparency, it becomes difficult for influencers to ensure they are properly protected. 

We’ve assembled this list of common questions to help you better understand why SocialCert is beneficial to the influencer community and how it works.

What is SocialCert exactly, and how does it help influencers?
SocialCert was built in collaboration with talent managers and influencers to provide influencers with the tools to control what data is shared with brand partners, for both paid and gifting collaborations.

SocialCert allows influencers to control what brand partner gets access to their content data like organic impressions, reach, and engagement. SocialCert also allows influencers to manage the sharing of usage rights such as allowing partners to use content in other channels or allowing partners to boost influencer posts (also known as "whitelisting").

What does the SocialCert signup process look like? 

See video below for the step-by-step SocialCert experience:


In the past, I just assigned advertising permissions directly to a partner in my Business Manager. Why is the SocialCert approach different?

When adding collaborators using the Facebook Business Manager, there is no accountability for the brand to use your accounts or content in accordance with your agreement with that brand. SocialCert solves that problem by only allowing brands explicit permissions that are moderated by Lumanu. You get full visibility when it comes to the usage of your content, and advertisers are not able to do anything unapproved to your content.

By using SocialCert, you are simplifying what it takes for a brand to boost your content. As the digital vault of your social permissions, SocialCert keeps your accounts and content secure for each new partnership you build through your social accounts. As you work with more brand and agencies, SocialCert will take on the onus of ensuring you don't have to share direct access to every single brand/agency (which can be dangerous for your account safety).

Why do I need to login in with my personal Facebook account and password? 

A Facebook login is necessary to show that you are an admin of a Facebook Page or Instagram account. No one at Lumanu or any of your brand partners will have access to your login or password.

Why do I need to connect my Facebook Page to SocialCert if I’m only creating content for my Instagram?

Facebook as a company treats Instagram and Facebook pages the same when it comes to permissions and advertising. In order for SocialCert to help you control which brand partner can see your Instagram content stats and which brand partner can boost your Instagram content, an associated Facebook page is required.

Will my post definitely be boosted by my brand partner? If so, to how many people?

Lumanu boosts several pieces of content as part of a campaign and optimizes the spend across all of those posts, so the specific exposure will depend on the performance of your content relative to the other posts in that campaign.

There are some edge cases where the brand may not be able to amplify your content (e.g., it has certain language, unsupported content dimensions, or due to other Facebook advertising limitations).

SocialCert gives you visibility into the performance of any of your content that gets boosted. Email at any time and we’re happy to give you insight on your boosted post. We provide this data free-of-charge to influencers to help you provide one-of-a-kind analytics to future and existing brand partners.

What types of insights for my social accounts and posts will SocialCert allow my brand partners to see?

Your approved partners can only see the following post stats: organic impressions, organic reach, and organic engagement. 

Lumanu only allows brand partners that you have explicitly confirmed to see insights related to your Instagram account, Facebook account, and social posts.

Lumanu does not allow brands to see paid metrics for content you’ve boosted with other brand partners.

See our entire Privacy Policy here.

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